48. Copenhagen.

Over the past few months lots of my friends have been visiting Copenhagen and I kept seeing stunning photos that were showing off how great this city was so I thought id join them and see what all the fuss was about! 

Im a sucker for good food, coffee and beer but I refuse to call myself a foodie, hipster or an alcoholic. I just like wearing multi-coloured socks! Pretty much every shop you go into will inspire you to go home, get the tools out and try to re-create something similar! 

We did all the touristy things on our first day but my favourite day was when we wondered over to the street food market and what was meant to be "a light bite" ended up being a couple of hours, eating food, drinking beer and swimming in the water and then later on we were invited by our new Danish friends to a festival in Christiania, which was amazing!

Copenhagen was a dream, it was expensive but it was no different than any major city. Ill definitely be going back! It has the best food, great designs and filament light bulbs everywhere, its a hipsters paradise and I loved it!

Heres my top 10 (not in order)

Tak  ;)


1. Nyhavn

2. Norrebro - Theres loads of great places to eat.

3. Copenhagen Street Food - This place is the best! (http://copenhagenstreetfood.dk/en/)

4. There are lots of green parks and the one below is Rosenborg castle park.

5. Mikkeller & Friends - Craft beer. (http://mikkeller.dk/mikkeller-friends/)

6. Rundertarrn (round tower) Great views of the city and its a really unique building. 

7. Moiler Kaffe & Køkken - breakfast tapas style! (http://www.kaffeogkoekken.dk/)


9. Cristiania, free town - Its a little different but it great. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freetown_Christiania)


10. Copenhagen coffee lab  - This place had the best coffee!  (www.copenhagencoffeelab.com)