The perfect trip. Norway.

I went to Norway last summer to photograph a wedding In Kristiansand, Norway, but we decided to extend our trip and make a holiday out of it. Ive been to Norway about 6 times now and I have a few trips planned this year. I think I might just have to move there! Its has become one of my favourite places to go.

After the wedding we travelled up to Stavanger to meet my friend Hans who took us on an epic road trip to to see some of the fjords. We hiked up to Kjeragbolton, which is a boulder wedged between the mountains crevasse and theres a 3000ft drop below. It was pretty windy so I could only muster up enough courage to sit on the boulder, I did however manage to catch a man standing on the boulder taking a selfie with a selfie stick!

After the hike we arrived at our cabin in the dark and we had to row a boat get out there! It was so nice to be in the middle of no where for 2 days. We did a lot of nothing. We did go to the local shop to buy some dinner and ice creams, on the way there we managed to catch a couple of fish. (I caught none!)

A couple of days later we hiked up to Preikestolen which is a steep cliff which rises 1,982 ft above the Lysefjorden. When we reached the top Hans pulled out his gas stove and started to heat up a curry that he had made the night before.

You can get to Norway form London with Ryanair for about 30quid, so its pretty cheap to get there, but then when you are there its expensive for example a beer is about 10-12 pounds! Norway is a must when it comes to places to visit!

Thanks to Hans for being amazing host! You're a legend!

This is what Preikestolen really looked like..... 

Colin Ross