46. Argentina

Recently I went to Argentina. This was my 46th country that I have visited in my 28 years of life and it was my first time to South America, it was actually my last continent if you don't include Antartica. It felt like a dream and it went by far too fast! 

The people are and very hospitable and passionate about life. They know how to have a good time and the know how to look after you. They will feed you well! Trust me, you will not leave hungry! (I got fatter there) They will fill your belly with a ton of meat cooked on a large bbq which they call an Asado. They also love mate, its a type of tea they drink from a metal straw and they pass it around for everyone to try, it kind of looks like they are smoking a pipe!.

In my short and busy time there, I tried to capture a little bit of the culture, food and off course the people.

Colin Ross