Well Kneaded Wagon

I spent some of my summer following The Well Kneaded Wagon around London and to a few festivals down south taking photos, eating pizza and rolling some sourdough bases! 

Well Kneaded is a street food company based in London- Battersea, specifically- with a van and an oven, and a fabulous team! They make sourdough pizza, employing young people from a local council estates near Battersea. There aim is to create a culture of business that shares opportunity generously and beautifies everyday life.

There pizzas are made from a seriously tasty recipe in house; they use organic veg and intentionally source as much of there produce locally as possible. There menus are seasonal and change every 4-6 weeks. 

You can find them in various locations around London and it has some of the best Pizzas in town, it is seriously worth making a trip for! My favourite pizza is the Meaty Margaret!

Colin Ross