Myles & Pippa Scottish Borders Wedding





This was an absolute beast of a wedding! If you want to make your Pintrest board look pretty then take a wee look at this wedding! It's filled with so many creative and fun ideas, from an aisle lined with champagne bottles to beautifully styled tables to a bath tub full of beer!

I always struggle knowing what to write, Im not the best writer out there. So simply Myles and Pippa are flipping legends! Myles is possibly the sweetest guy with the biggest heart and Pippa kind, caring and always up for a challenge! What I like about them is they are super encouraging, optimistic and are always up for an adventure! Ive known these guys over the years but the first time we hung out properly was for their engagement shoot in the Edinburgh Pentlands in the middle of storm Barbara! We started the shoot in heavy sidewards rain and they did not care, they just laughed and cracked on! 

I photographed Pippa's sister Shelleys wedding 2 years ago so I knew what I was getting myself into! These guys merge classy, creative, crazy and fun so well! The wedding was at their family cottage in Ringford, Scotland

Pippa got ready in the their cottage and got looked stunning in a St Patrick wedding dress and her flowers made by Lorraine Graham Florists. The ceremony kicked off in a big tent just 30 seconds from where Pippa was getting ready. Once they were pronounced Husband and Wife the Champagne was cracked open and the party begun! 

Myles and Pippa love the outdoors so we snuck off for about an hour to a near by beach called Mossyard. Once we arrived back from the beach it was dinner time with some cracking speeches from Myles brother and then the party begun with an epic ceilidh and some flipping good dance moves! 

Thanks so much to Myles and Pippa for having me as your Scottish borders photographer! a massive thanks to Lloyd Moore for helping me out on this one!

And it doesn't stop there. It just keeps getting better and better! These guys are awesome and decided to have a 2 day wedding with games, a flower station and lots of pimms! Which calls for 2 blogs. So once you've had a look at this one check out the 2nd day by clicking the button below. 






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