Johnny & Charlotte Autumnal wedding with a first look in Bristol, UK

I met Johnny and Charlotte last year over a roast dinner and by the end of our conversation they had invited me to go skiing with them in France and then told me they were leaving in 2 weeks time! These two are always up for having fun and doing things a little different, it just usually happens last minute. Unfortunately I didn't go skiing but hopefully next time I will if they give me enough notice.

Knowing that these two to do things a little different, I knew their wedding would be unique. Usually In the UK the first look between the bride and groom is when the bride walks down the isle while in America its a photoshoot before the ceremony where the Groom is waiting for his bride to come and greet him. I was pretty excited when Johnny and Charlotte told me that they wanted a first look before the ceremony here in Bristol.

The day kicked off with Johnny waiting nervously down by the Cumberland's basin for Charlotte to arrive and to our surprise she was only 5 minutes late! They are both jokers but it was clear as Johnny was waiting for Charlotte you could feel the nerves and their excitement go up a notch. It's really fun and special to capture a moment between two people when no one else is around. We then headed up to the downs for family photos. The beauty of having a first look means that after the ceremony you can go straight into dinner!

After photos all the guys went for a quick pint at the Nettle and Rye and then made their way to Clifton Christchurch where Johnny waited for a second time for his bride and the ceremony was beautiful.

The reception was held at the Elm Grove Centre and dinner was a classicaly Bristol Pieminster. The speeches were beautiful and full of love and lots of laughter. The evening went on with a good quality band and it was clear everyone was having a blast. I loved every second of this wedding and thanks to Jono Van Deventer for coming along on the day and of course thank's to Johnny and Charlotte once again for having me as their wedding photographer. I had tons of fun and even got to have a wee dance!