2016 review

I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop in Cape Town trying to pick my top 150 photos from 2016 and I can't help but be thankful. It's been such a good year! I've had the privilege of photographing some beautiful venues and seen some amazing places. Tipis, churches, back gardens, barns, town halls, marques and castles. I've met some awesome couples, their families and their friends, some whom have now become my friends. 

I've travelled a ton this year. From Bristol to Edinburgh, Sweden, United States, Norway and Cyprus. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s the adventure of every wedding that keeps me excited for the next one. Every wedding has been a joy to be at and I'm extremely thankful for every opportunity and every couple that I have worked with this year.

Next year is shaping up really nicely and I’ve got some great weddings here in the UK and abroad, including my favourite country - Norway! You can see my travel schedule for next year here.


A few moments from this year...


• New wedding traditions - In Cyprus during the ceremony, Chris and Lara were presented with two white crowns that are connected to each other to represent a lasting union.
• Worst weather - Engagement shoot with Myles and Pippa in the Edinburgh Pentlands during Storm Barbara. 
• Best landscape - Martin and Mona's wedding in Stavanger, Norway. 
• Riskiest moment - Taking photos of Chris and Lara in Cyprus in the sea. I ended up in the water and my camera nearly went in too.
• Best venue - Kelley and Linnea’s Swedish barn (it was a Pinterest dream).
• Best sunset - Aron and Isabelle's wedding in Cardiff, Wales.
• Favourite journey - Seattle to Sweden, I “accidentally" sat in business class! 
• Most photos taken - Ben and Rachel’s wedding in Devon, around 4500/5000! 
• Best wedding cake - I think this one has to go to Charlotte and Johnny as Charlotte made her own cake and it was flipping massive! 
• Best dance move - Jonny and Beth’s wedding in Glasgow. Johnny managed to flip his brother Finlay upside down and started playing drums on his bum (he was in a kilt!)

I'm massively thankful to my friends and family who have believed in me and pushed me to take better photos, and finally a special thanks to all the guys who 2nd shot with me last year. A big thanks to Eilidh SutherlandAbigail Galatia, Faith Dwight, Hannah Britten, Jono van Deventer, Dorien Scheltens and Claire Fleck.

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